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.: 09:15 AM, 01.11.07 :. Red Indian

Freedb search is back online!!!

I have adjusted the code and they are available again. So now, after some time, you have over 2 million cuesheets back online!


.: 06:38 PM, 01.04.07 :. Red Indian
Hi y'all,

It seems that the freedb search is back online! So I'll go and figure out if I can get mine back online also.

We'll keep you updated.

.: 08:25 AM, 04.07.06 :. Red Indian
Hi y'all,

The freedb link is offline for the moment. They have changed the page layout and I haven't had time to correct my code. Up again soon, I promise!

.: 10:00 PM, 07.19.05 :. Red Indian
Hi everyone, we're still alive!

It has been almost two years since I wrote here something.

But today I fixed a few smaller bugs that were haunting the site. Otherwise the code seems pretty stable, since I haven't done much about it over the last two years

.: 05:09 PM, 12.15.03 :. Red Indian
Thank you! Thank you!

I haven't taken the time to thank the following people.
So please excuse me for doing it so late, but these nice people have supported and they've helped cuesheet heaven into the next year! Big up to them!

- Ryan Vettese $5,-
- Debbie Gaus $10,-
- Alfonso Urdaneta $20,-

Alfonso's life would be complete with Sasha - Tribal Sessions so help 'm out if you can

Furthermore, these are the last actual donation amounts I'll post. The IRS is watching.
Just kiddin'! Every buck is appreciated, and any future donations shouldn't have to sell their kid just to be able put in more than someone else.

.: 02:40 PM, 06.20.03 :. Red Indian
Mozilla compatible
For all you Mozilla fans out there,

Cuesheet Heaven is now compatible with Mozilla!

This should make it usable on most platforms and suitable for Netscape also.

The `browse and burn instantly` and `copy to clipboard` features are currently NOT supported.

Cheerz for now, Red

.: 11:50 PM, 03.04.03 :. Red Indian
It's official!

Update your bookmarks now! Cuesheet heaven has got a domain of its own! Thanx to all the generous people out there!

.: 08:19 PM, 03.04.03 :. Red Indian
You're all too nice!

It's been a while since I've dropped some news here. Been on wintersport and busy with all kind of things on a personal and professional level.

It seems like everyone has too much money on their hands because people keep sending me money!

The following people together with all previous donations have contributed to cuesheet heaven's hosting and very soon our own domain! Respect to y'all!

Colin Kennedy $10,-
Adam Pacey $10,-
Mike Boning $5,-

I'm registering a domain this week, so soon you're favourite cuesheet site is even easier to reach.

Almost 6,000 cues in the archive and growing, keep up the good work everyone!


.: 11:58 PM, 01.06.03 :. Red Indian
Happy new year!

First of all, happy new year to everybody. I don't know if I'm still allowed to since it's Januari 6th, but then again I don't care!

My new year was once again a blasting one, so that's why I didn't have time to write something earlier.

Second of all, many, many, many thanks to these three people in special for donating a generous amount of dollars to support this site!

Tirsa Poppins $20,-
Metaphile $10,-
Scott Johnson $10,-

More than welcome! I'm happy to announce that everybody that supported this site has kept me out of cost for the year that the site has been online! I expected people to donate cues, but this was beyond my wildest expectations! Just great!!!

And furtermore, I'm investigating our own domain very soon! We'll keep you posted! and or perhaps

More news coming soon...

.: 07:12 PM, 11.28.02 :.
One year of Cuesheet Heaven!

One year later, numerous options later, and almost 4 times as much cues in the archive!

I'd just like to say, keep it up, and I will too!

.: 11:24 AM, 11.19.02 :. Red Indian
Ok, hosting was causing some troubles (again!) but these should be fixed now.

Currently the dupe system is out of order, so please check if cues aren't already on the site if you upload 'm.

But, I'll create a real fix and a real database as soon as I get some more time.

Bigup! to Will Bryant for donating some $'s to keep this site up and running.

Already got $30,- in total so maybe we'll get our own domain soon? Would be nice!

Cheerz, red.

.: 04:23 PM, 10.19.02 :. Red Indian
Not much news, but I just wanted to thank Jonas Hunziker for his generous donation of $20!

Furthermore, the site is growing exponentially and we're investigating alternatives. maybe the site is moved later on this week. you'll be noticed

.: 02:28 PM, 09.20.02 :. Red Indian
All done for now
Ok the site just got better, especially for people without any cuesheet experience who want to burn a mp3 or wave file.

You can now select the file you want to burn before you download the cuesheet. Then the file location line is automatically adjusted for you so you can just open up the cue and hit burn. No need to edit anything anymore. You don't even have to put the cuesheet in the same directory.

Furthermore, upaste option is now adjusted to the new system. Copy / paste uploading is enabled again. Although temporarily only for one cuesheet and tracklist at a time.

Finally, did a few graphic, layout improvements.

Cheerz, Red Indian.

Ps. cuesheet heaven is almost celebrating its one year anniversary!

.: 12:01 PM, 09.15.02 :. Red Indian
Where did all the cues go?
The cuesheet archive has been cleaned up. Removed over 600 duplicate cuesheets.

With the new system uploaded cuesheets are compared by content rather then by filesize. So if everything is the same except the filename, the cuesheet can't be uploaded. Cuesheets that with different cdtext can still be uploaded.

Death to the dupes!

Yours thruthfully, Red Indian.

.: 02:09 PM, 09.12.02 :. Red Indian
Massive update
Again, an update.

last additions
Got a request to display the last additions, last 50 are shown.

mail option
you can now have generated cuesheet sent to you by email. ow yes.

upaste option
upaste option now works with several cuesheets, tracklistings and may even contains garbage in between. multiple indexes are detected and since the cues are now perfect, they appear in the archive instantly!

- interface update
- news now shorter, with option to show older items
- added a number of cues

A thanks to Tony Bruno who generously donate a few $ to support this site!

.: 10:39 PM, 07.25.02 :. Red Indian
Another update
Yes, I decided to change the interface.

First of all, some people just didn't quite understand the two search options. Now direct buttons for each search and one for both searches at once. Notice that the freedb takes up a little more time/resources than the archive, that's why the archive is still default.

Secondly, you can now access the different searches directly:
ALT-A = archive
ALT-F = freedb
ALT-B = both archive & freedb

How surprising!

Also, the cuesheets have been renamed to a more natural appearance and some duplicates were removed.

We're almost hitting the 3,500 cuesheets in the archive! Keep up the work everyone, just like me.

Cheerz, Red

.: 06:37 PM, 06.27.02 :. Red Indian
Added a links section. Feel free to email me any links that you think should be up there as well. (I might even add them, hehe )

.: 02:22 PM, 06.27.02 :. Red Indian
Why do problems always occur while you are on vacation? The site was running out of discspace once again and nothing could be written anymore. Uploads have not been processed. Both upload and upaste options failed because of this.

But everything is back to normal once again. Everything is working as it is supposed to. Please upload failures one more time. Thanks in advance!

Your lightly tanned site op,

Red Indian

.: 09:07 PM, 05.17.02 :. Red Indian
The site was moved today, causing it to be offline for a few hours. Nobody informed me on this, somehow

Anyway, added tracktimes to the tracklisting. And guess what? They're more precise than freedb's own listings, hehe...

My tracktimes include milliseconds. Hey, they don't call me mr.overkill for nothing!

.: 10:44 PM, 05.09.02 :. Red Indian
Last update ready!
The freedb link has been optimized...again.

And we have some new features that you won't find anywhere else:

- copy / paste uploading!
- cuesheet / tracklist merging!

you have a cuesheet and a tracklisting. just copy/paste both to the site, press preview and the cuesheet and tracklist are merged. the tracklist is used to create the cd-text info for the cuesheet.

try the demo and see for yourself!

(upaste menu option)

hope y'all like it, that's it for now,

grtz, red aka mr.overkill

.: 04:18 PM, 05.08.02 :. Red Indian
Another update
Again, a great new feature! Again, concerning the freedb results. The cuesheets now contain PERFORMER and TITLE for both the CD and the TRACKS.

As an extra bonus, the release year of the CD is added too if this information is available.

The generated cuesheets are now perfect!

Coming soon: drag & drop uploading of cuesheets.
Example: select the cuesheet info on a forum, drag and drop it to the textarea and press upload. The cuesheet information will be extracted, reformatted, checked, and uploaded if valid!

Ain't that easy? Coming soon at your favourite cuesheet site.

.: 11:36 PM, 05.06.02 :. Red Indian
Minor update
But a kickass one! I improved the freedb big time. Multiple pages are cached on our server now, so you only make one connection for one search. And not a connection for every single page.

Try that searching speeeeeed now!

.: 03:37 PM, 05.06.02 :. Red Indian
We're back!
This time stronger than ever. Nearly 2,000 original cuesheets available now. Thanks to everyone who send in cuesheets while uploading wasn't available!

I'm trying to add those which I haven't added in the upcoming few days.

- Fixed the errors from last week
- Uploading works again!
- Direct downloading works again
- Button to copy cuesheet to clipboard
- Generated cues are now compatible with musiCutter!

Enjoy the whole new experience

Cheerz, Red.

En de groetjes aan Bertje

.: 12:51 AM, 03.02.02 :. Red Indian
Hi all,

sorry, the hosting company is having some problems at the moment so you can't upload any new cuesheet. feel free to mail them to me and I will add them manually.

I'm leaving in 2 hours on winter holiday so don't expect me to add them within the next week

Cheerz, and break a leg

.: 12:26 PM, 02.22.02 :. Red Indian
Just a little update with some generally useful info.
A number of people asked what cuesheets are and how you can use them.
Follow this link for some nice and simple info on cuesheets.

On a second note, some people asked if there is a program that splits up one big audiofile using a cuesheet.
There is! It is called musiCutter and it's freeware. Get a copy of musiCutter version 0.4 here. Or search the net for a more recent version. Read the news below (.: 11:57 PM, 12.11.01 :. ) for info on how you use freedb generated cuesheets with musiCutter.

Cheerz & greetz Red Indian

.: 01:50 AM, 01.27.02 :. Red Indian
we did it: over 1,500 original cuesheets online!

on top of that the freedb did a full clean-up of all their duplicate cd information and after cleaning they have: over 500,000 cds in the freedb database.

...and still growing...

"that's the news for now, I'm Red Indian reporting live from The Netherlands, thanx for using cuesheet heaven, back to you people"

.: 12:01 PM, 01.25.02 :. Red Indian
Wh00t! check this out!

quoted from the freedb frontpage:
Web-based search down
Due to a security fix we made on our server, the web-based search is currently down. We hope to have it online again in a few hours.

Of course I did a little recoding after some error message gave me some new ideas...and guess what?

I've got the search back online before the freedb!

Forget about waiting a few hours, we're back in business people. Enjoy!

.: 01:26 AM, 01.15.02 :. Red Indian
Wh00ps, looks like freedb changed a few bit that caused my freedb link to fail. Only found out a few minutes ago on the chat.

Was going to sleep (1:30AM here), but looked at the code and fixed the problem so everybody can enjoy the service again and i can get some well earned sleep

Still only a few more cuesheet (74 at the moment) and we'll be crossing that magical 1500 border! Can't believe it, thnx everybody and keep'm coming!

.: 11:57 PM, 12.11.01 :. Red Indian
The best just got better

Now all generated cuesheets are usuable. An error can occur yet the cuesheet generated will not contain any weird data anymore.

I also tried adding other newlines characters so the generated cues would work with MusiCutter. Somehow it works perfect on my home machine, yet when I upload it to unix server it adds other newline characters.

Until I fix this, you can either:
1. copy/paste the cuesheet from the textarea.
2. open the downloaded cue in wordpad and save it. ignore the message about formatting getting lost, it should!

That's the news for 2day kids, keep uploading those cuesheets and we'll reach the 1500 (damn! hehe) in no-time

.: 08:54 PM, 11.28.01 :. Red Indian
Added a news section. What for? So I can post this news about the new news section!
Additionally there is a new online user counter too. Useless, but fun anyway
And to top it off there is the cue count. It's now at 1250. Let's go for the 1500 people!

Maybe some day you'll be able to read some interesting news here, until then, keep praying! bwahaha

.: 08:38 PM, 11.28.01 :. Red Indian
Welcome to cuesheet heaven:
Over 1,000 real cuesheets in the online archive.
Over 400,000 cuesheets with full CDTEXT can be generated and downloaded online.

"Cuesheet heaven, where your cuesheet dreams become reality"

quick question

- What is a cue sheet? Look lower
- Can I download music here? No, sorry
- Can you tell me where I can? Again, no, sorry
- Do you have a girlfriend? Yes, and she's great!
- Why four search buttons? Try clicking that (i) button in front of them. Both searches both and last 50 just shows 50 newest cues added to the archive.

what is a cue sheet? (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

A cue sheet, or cue file, is an ASCII (plain text) file that specifies how the tracks of a compact disc should be laid out. Cue sheets commonly have a ".cue" filename extension. They were originally used for the CDRWIN CD recording program, but are also used with other CD software as well as music and video playback software.

For an audio CD, the cue sheet can specify titles and performers for the disc and its tracks as well as the names of one or more audio files to be used. MP3, WAV and BIN files are often used, although some programs support other formats. Cue sheets are especially useful when burning or listening to live sets where all tracks are recorded in one file.

Cue sheets are also used for many types of CDs in conjunction with an image file. The image file generally has a ".bin" extension.

A description of cue sheets and a list of cue sheet commands can be found in the CDRWIN user's guide.