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.: 09:15 AM, 01.11.07 :. Red Indian

Freedb search is back online!!!

I have adjusted the code and they are available again. So now, after some time, you have over 2 million cuesheets back online!


.: 06:38 PM, 01.04.07 :. Red Indian
Hi y'all,

It seems that the freedb search is back online! So I'll go and figure out if I can get mine back online also.

We'll keep you updated.

.: 08:25 AM, 04.07.06 :. Red Indian
Hi y'all,

The freedb link is offline for the moment. They have changed the page layout and I haven't had time to correct my code. Up again soon, I promise!

quick question

- What is a cue sheet? Look lower
- Can I download music here? No, sorry
- Can you tell me where I can? Again, no, sorry
- Do you have a girlfriend? Yes, and she's great!
- Why four search buttons? Try clicking that (i) button in front of them. Both searches both and last 50 just shows 50 newest cues added to the archive.

what is a cue sheet? (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

A cue sheet, or cue file, is an ASCII (plain text) file that specifies how the tracks of a compact disc should be laid out. Cue sheets commonly have a ".cue" filename extension. They were originally used for the CDRWIN CD recording program, but are also used with other CD software as well as music and video playback software.

For an audio CD, the cue sheet can specify titles and performers for the disc and its tracks as well as the names of one or more audio files to be used. MP3, WAV and BIN files are often used, although some programs support other formats. Cue sheets are especially useful when burning or listening to live sets where all tracks are recorded in one file.

Cue sheets are also used for many types of CDs in conjunction with an image file. The image file generally has a ".bin" extension.

A description of cue sheets and a list of cue sheet commands can be found in the CDRWIN user's guide.